Primary Antibodies (Validated for IHC)

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INNOVEX offers an extensive line of BACKGROUND FREE, SHORT INCUBATION (30-minute) PRIMARY ANTIBODIES with 2 years of shelf life. Suitable for paraffin and frozen tissue staining; No serum or protein Blocking required when staining with Innovex Staining kits.

All Innovex primary antibodies are suitable for both frozen and paraffin section staining for IHC and IF.


  • Background-free
  • Wash -free
  • At lease 2 years of shelf life from delivery
  • Fixation independent: Antibodies perform with all histological fixatives
  • Short incubation time, 10-20 minutes with Innovex staining systems
  • 7 ml size for 95% of Pre-titered, Ready-To-Use antibodies, 
  • No-humidified chamber required for hours to overnight incubation
  • All antibodies are affinity purified
  • Automation compatible
  • Compatible with all other staining systems.
  • Cost effective

Product numbers ending in C are concentrate antibodies
Product numbers ending in P are Ready-to-Use antibodies (Pre-titered)