IHC Enhancing Wash Buffers

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Advanced Features:

  • Simple to use, employ as the rinse buffer in place of PBS for rinsing in between incubation steps
  • Amplify staining signal by 2-4 folds with no additional steps added to the immunostaining procedure
  • Cost effective: Allows 2-4 folds increase for primary antibody dilution
  • Time Saver : Allows for decrease in primary antibody incubation time
  • Allows for decrease in chromogen/substrate incubation time
  • Fixation independent; Amplifies staining regardless of the type of fixative employed
  • Eliminates enzyme pre-digestion
  • Minimizes the need for high heat antigen recovery when used with INNOVEX StainingSystems
  • Minimizes false negative staining
  • Automation compatible
  • Applicable to ELISA and flow cytometric procedures

AEC staining of UCHL-1 (T cell) antibody of bone marrow, paraffin section rinsed with PBS

Same section amplified when simply rinsed with Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffer— No heat treatment

User-Friendly Protocol

Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffers only requires seconds rinse in between incubation steps when used with Innovex STAT-Q and HISTO-STAT( 2-step) staining systems. Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffers may be employed with other systems, observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the required time and number of washes recommended for the system.

  1. Rinse specimens with Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffer prior to applying primary anti-body
  2. Incubate with primary antibody per manufacturer’s instructions
  3. Rinse with Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffer
  4. Incubate with secondary antibody
  5. Rinse with Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffer
  6. Incubate with Enzyme label
  7. Rinse with Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffer
  8. Incubate with substrate/chromogen of choice
  9. Rinse with water
  10. Counterstain and mount.

For ELISA assays

Innovex Enhancing Wash Buffers can be used for washing ELISA plates, however, some non-ionic detergent should be added to the solution.