Hematoxylin, Nuclear Red, & CytoBlue Counterstains

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STAT; 10-20 seconds for IHC

Nuclear Counterstains

STAT Aqua Hematoxylin
Innovex’s own unique formulation allows for Stat H&E staining, counterstaining and special staining in 10 seconds.
Advanced & Unique features:

  • Produces the most superior nuclear staining in seconds.
  • Mountable with xylene based and aqueous based mounting media
  • No fading with time
  • Applicable to H&E staining (60 seconds), IHC counterstaining (10-20 seconds) and special staining
  • Turns blue with a quick water rinse, no ammonia water rinse required
  • No precipitants
  • No filtration required
  • No disposal or throwaways
  • No loss of activity with time, usable to the last drop
  • Economical

Innovex Nuclear Red for red color counterstaining of BCIP/NBT stained in-situ probes, for counterstaining IHC stains stained with blue chromogens and for special stains.

  • Mountable with xylene based mounting media
  • Mountable with Innovex Probe Mount
  • Highly stable, no fading with time
Cytoplasmic Counterstains

Innovex Cytoblue, cytoplasmic counterstain developed for blue staining or counterstaining of cytoplasm, especially useful for counterstaining IHC nuclear stains of ER, PR, P53, PCNA, etc.

  • Does no bind to nucleus; No masking or overlap staining of AEC or DAB stained nuclei occurs
  • Ideal for counterstaining DAB (brown) or AEC (red) stained in situ probes
  • Mountable with Innovex Probe Mount or xylene based mounting media NUCLEAR