UNI-TRIEVE 37-75 Degree Water Bath Retrieval

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Uni-Trieve Tutorial: Mild Temp Retrieval Using a Water Bath Watch Video

Low Temperature Retrieval with UNITRIEVE at 40 Degrees OVERNIGHT Watch Video

UNI-TRIEVE is a Mild -temperature Universal Retrieval Solution that retrieves for all antibodies, all human and all animal tissues and also cell preps (cytospins. smears) at only 60-75 degrees celsius in 30 minutes using a simple water bath UNI-TRIEVE is totally Background -Free and unlike citrate buffer, high pH buffers, pressure cookers or microwaves, no background or tissue damage/ loss is observed with Uni-Trieve.

UNI-TRIEVE standardizes retrieval, it retrieves all tissues for staining all antibodies with a single solution and without pressure cooker.

UNI-TRIEVE’s gentle temperature makes it an absolute must for retrieving for immunofluorescence, cell preparations, delicate tissues such as brain, bone marrow, cell smears, etc.

UNI-TRIEVE is Background-free and it is the retrieval of choice for Immunofluorescence (IF).

OVER-NITE Retrieval is now possible with UNI-Trieve, simply, immerse sides in 37-40 degrees celcius Uni-Trieve using a water bath as the heat source. Next morninremove slides from the water bath , rinse and proceed with IHC or IF staining.

UNI-TRIEVE Unique Features

  • Water bath Retrieval. NO microwaves. NO pressure cookers.
  • 30 minutes at 60-70C Water bath. NO COOLING PERIOD.
  • OVER-NIGHT retrieval at 37-45 degrees celsius.
  • pH-independent; A single solution retrieves all tissues for all antibodies.
  • UNI-TRIEVE retrieves all animal and human tissues, cell preps and smears
  • Total Retrieval time of 30 minutes at 60-70C for all membrane and cytoplasmic antibodies including Cytokeratins
  • Total retrieval time of 45 minutes at 70-80 degrees celcius for nuclear antigen such as ki-67, ER, PR , etc.
  • A must for cell line preps and delicate tissues such as brain , bone marrow, etc.
  • Background-Free
  • Retrieval of choice for Immunofluorescence (IF)